Learn About Dove POS- a Floral Point of Sale System


Teleflora's floral point-of-sale system, Dove POS™, is the industry's most affordable and flexible POS solution for florist shops.

With simplified order or ticket entry, effective marketing tools, delivery management, automatic billing and sales analysis, Dove POS is designed to help your business flourish while saving you time and money. Developed by Teleflora and members like you, Dove POS is built on the Microsoft.NET framework, meaning it's easy to use and scalable to any size shop.

Features include:

  • Simplified ticket or order entry procedures
  • Marketing tools that make it quick and easy to grow customer relationships
  • Automated features to eliminate tedious and time-consuming paperwork
  • Automatic billing and sales analysis, giving you more time to serve your customers and grow your business

Dove POS™ Enterprise  |  Dove POS™ Pro  |  Dove POS™ Standard